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AI stands for artificial intelligence and is a newer issue arising in social media. Artificial intelligence is the design of machines that are supposed to represent human behaviors and mostly mimic how humans act or how humans do certain things throughout everyday life. Although AI is a fun and new part of social media today, it poses many threats, mainly taking away the privacy of users. 

AI is becoming a huge harm to social media and its users as it can mimic human activity and create less privacy for anyone. 

Firstly, the biggest concern with AI within social media is privacy. AI is involved with a lot of aspects in social media that many people might not know about. AI algorithms can make certain videos present in someone’s feed just by analyzing their search history or common things that they enjoy watching. Also, they usually track users’ behaviors and know their preferences to give any user the best feed customized specifically for them. Although this can be handy, it is also a huge threat to privacy. Different companies have access to information about anyone because they can see everyone’s searches and what they commonly look for in videos. Another huge danger of social media is deep fakes. Deep fakes are AI content that is made to look like a certain person on social media. AI can mimic people’s voices to make a certain person say something incriminating or could also create AI images of them which are not real. According to Linkedin, “AI can generate realistic fake content, making it increasingly difficult to discern between what is real and what is fabricated. Social media platforms need to invest in robust AI tools to detect and prevent the spread of misleading information while respecting freedom of expression.” Although AI is becoming a huge concern and is growing more, some people believe that AI has more benefits than concerns. 

Many people who are involved in social media believe that AI is more beneficial than a threat. Some people might say that AI mechanisms are important because they tailor content for everyone and make sure people can watch videos that are perfect for them. Although AI is fascinating and important, it is becoming too high-tech to maintain. Many people who have access to AI mechanisms are not using them for the right reasons and are instead creating deep fakes, and trying to get people in trouble for actions they did not commit. AI is less of a fascinating feature, and more of a threat to privacy and anyone’s well-being in general. 

There are several things that can be done to fix this issue. The biggest thing to do to prevent this issue is having tools on social media platforms that can determine if material that is posted is done by AI or not. Some of this content is usually very believable and sometimes hard to determine if it was done by AI or an actual person. By allowing this mechanism, deep fakes can be determined and peoples’ lives don’t have to be ruined because a video of them was created doing something inappropriate with AI. 

AI is a fascinating new type of technology that has seen huge progress throughout this year. AI started off as something that didn’t even seem to resemble a human and has progressed to something that is so human-like it’s hard to determine if it’s AI or not. AI is continuing to rapidly become smarter and smarter, and if someone isn’t careful on social media, they could fall victim to a deep fake or lose aspects of their privacy.

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Lexie Hanna
Lexie Hanna, Opinion Writer
Lexie is a senior at Struthers High School. She is an opinion writer in Journalism I. Lexie’s favorite subject is either English or science. Her favorite food is chicken tenders with honey mustard, and she loves the color green. Lexie’s favorite artist is Brent Faiyaz. She plays varsity tennis and is a varsity cheerleader. She also is a L.I.N.K crew member and vice president of National Honor Society. Outside of school, she likes to hang out with her friends and family.  Lexie loves to write which is why she thoroughly enjoys journalism. Her expectations for the year is to maintain her 3.9 G.P.A and stay on track to be salutatorian. She also hopes to graduate with honors and attend Bowling Green State University to major in forensic science.  Lexie is mostly excited for her last prom and basketball season. She is also excited to make more memories with all of her friends here and overall just enjoy her last year at Struthers. 
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