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Mission Statement

The Student Prints is a school-sponsored newspaper. It is produced almost entirely by Struthers High School students. 

The newspaper will attempt to inform and entertain our audience to the best of our ability. The newspaper cannot please everyone; if you have comments or concerns, please see a staff member. Although we allow constructive criticism of any part of the paper, final authority is ultimately in the hands of The Student Prints staff.

We encourage student submissions (poems, opinion articles, letters to the editor, etc.). They contribute a constructive avenue for student opinion. Submissions must be legible, no more than 150 words and signed. If the writer can prove to the advisor a substantial need to remain anonymous, The Student Prints will print the letter signed “name withheld.” We also reserve the right to reject or edit letters.

No material, opinion, or otherwise will be printed that is libelous, obscene, or in an irresponsible was; or that advocates an illegal activity or invades privacy illegally; or what the editor or the advisor deems to be in poor taste.

The primary source of The Student Prints revenue comes from advertising. Ads must also follow editorial guidelines as to appropriateness of content.

To purchase an advertisement, please contact  The Student Prints staff:

The Student Prints

111 Euclid Ave.

Struthers, OH 44471

(330) 750-1062 ext. 41389

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