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“The Hunger Games” is a modern classic that many people are familiar with. Readers would be hard-pressed to not have any familiarity with the mockingjay. But even so, only true fans could know about this symbolic bird nested within these pages.

This three-part story is an influential and well-known trilogy around the world. More than a decade has passed since the initial release of the first novel, “The Hunger Games.” The first installment was released in 2008 and stayed popular up until now in 2023. There must be something so compelling about the story to maintain relevance for as long as the series thrives.

A combination of elements have come together to make the series into something lovable with a clear message of fighting back against abuse. The author, Collins, was very intelligent and introduced compelling characters. She made sure to personalize all of her characters so none remained static. This ability of hers managed to bring her world to life in a dystopian flourish.

The world-building is of a realistic setting of a futuristic world. The author does not fail to write an interesting plot with the addition of the districts and the conflict between the capital, but also show the atrocities within each one. This style of writing cleverly gets the reader attached to characters, so they leave more of an impact. This series makes people feel and leaves us thinking after every chapter.

“The Hunger Games” also shows mortality. It throws ideas and questions at the reader that make them think intently on what they just read. Surely, the act of the Hunger Games is immoral and disgusting, that much is clear, but should the capital be punished in the same way? It’s obvious that our main lead, Katniss, is fighting against something strong and dangerous. However, when backed into a corner, she has no issue becoming just as dangerous as her aggressors.

Paired with that thoughtful question of morality, there is an undeniably wicked antagonist. President Snow does anything and everything in his power to remain in utmost control of the country of Panem. His actions and motives are only controlled by the need for power. As Katniss’s foil, he does an excellent job and puts her through hoops that develop and destroy her character. He is an extraordinary villain for a series built on entertainment and horrors.

President Snow is so compelling that Suzanne Collins deemed his story relevant enough to tell now. Recently, she released the Ballad of Songbird and Snakes. This was the origin of a young President and his lust for power. Here, the readers can see Snow as a character. This opportunity allows audiences to formulate their own opinions behind Snow. The majority think he is despicable. Now, with the release of the Ballad in theaters, the popularity of “The Hunger Games” has sparked again.

Returning back to the past, the series only continued to grow in popularity. The releases of “Catching Fire” and the final installment, “Mockingjay,” allowed the impact of the first book to ring out. With a completed trilogy, the story could be seen for what it was. An accidental spark of rebellion was all it took to send the country into turmoil. The citizens of Panem fought back against their oppressors in a small way, and this developed into a full scale war of defiance.

Suzanne Collins lit the fuse for the craving of teen dystopia. Seeing the strength and power of an uprising for something we believe in was inspirational, not just to audiences but fellow writers. The “Hunger Games” set a precedent for the genre of teen dystopia and paved the way for many other releases such as the “Divergent” trilogy or ‘The Maze Runner” series.

These books can be reflected back onto our own lives, and could even be relatable in this time. Collins did an excellent job of putting together an inspirational and heartbreaking story that ended with a rebellion and a success.

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Julie Douglass, Entertainment Writer
Julie is a Senior at Struthers High School, and is currently 18 years old. She is a creative writer for entertainment articles in Journalism I. Her favorite part of school is being able to make various inspired projects and express her creative talents. She is in advanced art class, as well as the Art Club and other designer classes, such as computer graphics. She has been in the Struthers band program for 4 years, but has played the trombone for 8 years. Outside of school, she reads and paints on her own time, often trying new mediums of art to see what she can create. She plans on taking her love of the arts a step further, hoping to make a career out of it. A more unique hobby she picked was scuba diving with her grandfather. She has dove in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other more tropical areas. Currently, she has been on 16 dives and has gone down to 70 feet. Her interest in English in general is what charmed Julie to sign up for Journalism. The class offers the chance to write articles for the school newspaper, with freedom to express opinions or commentate on interesting topics of the author’s own choosing. Journalism provides a real-life experience she can carry with her in the next step into maturity. She is enjoying the class and opportunities it offers to her, and believes that it will only continue to improve throughout the year.
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