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Zander Z Parrish

Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

Zander is currently 16 years old. His birthday is December 19th, 2006. He is a Sophomore here at Struthers High School. He has a standard grade, ranging from C’s to a few A’s, but he tries to improve each day.

Zander absolutely loves anything that has to do with horror. He likes Internet Creepypastas, Horror Stories, Horror Movies, Horror Games, and more. His favorite Horror Series is "The Mandela Catalogue" (although it is mainly for mature audiences and is not recommended to watch!). Zander also likes to play a game called Friday Night Funkin’, it is a rhythm game that popped up out of nowhere. Finally, he loves to draw.

Zander’s favorite hobbies include but are not limited to: Gaming, Cooking, Drawing, Sleeping, and Creating.

He looks forward to passing sophomore year and doing it well. He also is looking forward to cooperating with the rest of the staff team, hopefully even helping them.

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