Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

“Adventures in Babysitting” is a very old movie made in 1987. There were a lot of adventures in this movie when Chris Parker (Elizabeth Shue) was babysitting.

This movie is about two kids and a babysitter. Parker (Elisabeth Shue) ends up babysitting the Anderson kids, Brad (Keith Coogan) and Sara (Maia Brewton). The parents think this would be a quiet night for the kids and Chris, but there were a lot of twists and turns. It all started when they left the house to pick up Chris’s friend Brenda (Penelope Ann Miller) and Brad’s friend Daryl (Anthony Rapp). The group came in contact with car thieves. They ran away from the thieves and showed up where their parents were, so they watched them to see how much time they had to get home. They see that the parents are leaving, so they rush home and clean up the house and the kids go to bed like nothing happened.

This movie is a very good movie and a lot of people’s favorites. People don’t know a lot of young kids that know about this movie, but there are a lot of parents that probably wouldn’t want to see their children watching this. There is a lot of swearing, guns and fighting involved. That is the only bad thing some people see about this movie. If it wasn’t that bad, a lot more children would know about this movie today in 2022.

There is a happy and safe ending in this movie which makes it better. The babysitter made sure the kids are safe during the whole movie while she faces all of the danger. This movie is online as a comedy movie. There are some funny parts which can make the kids feel like it’s a safe movie.

A lot of people do recommend kids and families to watch this movie because it’s a very good movie, and it can keep a lot of people interested. They also made this movie in 2016, so there is a new version too. This movie is worth a 9/10 rating.