Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

After 10 years. “Bleach” returns for its final season. Bleach’s last season recently started airing on October 10th.

The first episode starts with instant action, with the main character “Ichigo” and his friends beating an enemy. After the battle, a new enemy appears attacking Ichigo and the soul society at the same time. Ichigo was able to defend himself but the soul society lost a vice-captain.

The animation in this season is really good. It’s different from the previous seasons, but it’s good. The fight scenes are epic. The animators never fail to show Ichigo’s strength.

The twist that the vice-captain died was good. It’s going to help the plot and change things for Ichigo and the soul society. This is the revival of war that lasted 1000 years: The Thousand-year Blood War.

Overall, the first episode of Bleach’s final season deserves a 10/10. It was well worth the 10-year wait.