Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

It was a typical morning. Trash was to be picked up today. Our heroes are two Trash Truck drivers: “David” and “Phil”. Something was a little different today. Usually, the duo made a good team when it came to getting trash picked up.

Today, they were arguing. Literal explosions erupted from their mouths, fueled by the fire that was their mouth. They had turned beet red and were slapping all over the truck in a fit of rage. Why are they acting like this? The answer is simple.

They couldn’t figure out where the trash can had gone at this person’s house. The giant blue box was not there. David proposed the idea to just move on and forget it, whilst Phil wanted to try to search for it.

This argument continued for hours, until the homeowner finally stepped out and went to their Trash Truck.

“Um, excuse me, it isn’t Thursday,” says the homeowner.

The Trash Truck exploded. The End.