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Alec Grzyb, senior, scores against the Poland Bulldogs.

Michael Meuter, Opinion Writer

The Struthers Wildcats face their longtime rivals, the Poland Bulldogs. The question is, who will win?

The Wildcats should win this game. 

This year, the Wildcats have faced more adversity than in previous years. They fought tough battles within the first five weeks that brought their win-loss record to a ratio of 1-4. The Bulldogs have been mainly successful and have beaten the cats for the past three years which has given more people the idea that they will win. According to WKBN, “Poland defeated Struthers Friday night, 40-27, in the regular-season finale for both teams.” Though the Wildcats have had a tough fight with the Bulldogs in the 2021 Regular Season and seasons prior, both teams are now tied with records of 5-4. The Wildcats have won against opposing teams by over two touchdowns on average these past four games. 

People argue that the Bulldogs have blown out the Wildcats by point values nearly doubled of what the Wildcats get. Although this is true, the Wildcats have beaten teams that the Bulldogs have lost to. Last week alone, the Bulldogs lost to the Jefferson Falcons by 14 points, in which the Wildcats beat the Falcons by a score of 42-14. 

Many teams have had seasonal issues with their rivals. On the other hand, the Wildcats have been focused on the Week 11 and Week 12 spots since Week 5. With big wins over many teams and a win streak of four wins, the Wildcats should have a battle to take the win over the Bulldogs. 

The Wildcats have shown nothing but aggression on both sides of the ball. Continuing to do this, will prove many good results for the week 10 regular season game.