Olivia Tondy, Entertainment Writer

Well-known restaurant Texas Roadhouse has been in business for 29 years and is famous for their tasty rolls and cinnamon butter.

Texas Roadhouse serves many things other than steak such as chicken, wings, ribs, and amazing appetizers. Roadhouse was originally founded in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky and since then, there have been 627 locations established all over the world. Everything from Roadhouse is made fresh daily and they serve about 300,000 meals per day and every Roadhouse seats around 291 people. The two local Roadhouses are located in Boardman and Niles.

A downfall of Roadhouse would definitely be how cold the temperature inside of every restaurant is. Nobody wants to go for dinner somewhere and freeze the entire time they are waiting for their food. No one wants to be worried about being cold while trying to enjoy a great meal. Roadhouse has a large walk-in freezer that stores all of their meats, which explains why it is always cold in their restaurants.

One positive thing about Roadhouse would have to be the awesome customer service. Roadhouse is always exceedingly nice to all of their customers and make sure they are always satisfied with their visit and to make sure they come back again. All of their workers make it seem like they are happy to be there, and they love their job. Roadhouse welcomes everyone and wants everybody to have the best experience and meal.

In all, Texas Roadhouse is a great restaurant for all ages and for everyone. It is rated 8/10.