Julia Hennon-Hird, Opinion Writer

Some people may ask: Why should Struthers participate in Spirit Week? Some say people do it just for pajama day. However, it’s meant to let students have the opportunity to dress up and have fun.

Spirit week is a creative way to let students show their school spirit for upcoming events, such as the pep rally or the forthcoming game against Poland.

There are several ways to show your School spirit such as wearing your school’s colors or wearing a shirt with something associated with your school. Attending certain games is another way to show your pride by supporting the team members playing. You could also have a spirit week to show the team that everyone participating is doing it to enliven the team. When you participate in spirit weeks, it gives the team a positive feeling about the outcome of their game. Every time there is a spirit week, it helps the students get excited about the upcoming event.

Some people might disagree and think that spirit weeks are unimportant. They also could think that spirit weeks aren’t helpful for the special events. However, they do help because if students think that they can have fun before the upcoming event, then they will feel motivated to see what the event is like and to see if it’s just as fun or exciting. Spirit weeks also are useful because if school staff can see that students can do a spirit week while staying in the dress code, students could be rewarded with an incentive.

One of the few things that could change about spirit week is the themes. It would be better if there was more variety. Usually, the main themes are pajama day, a colored theme, throwbacks, and the one day that you can dress up as something. Sometimes it’s repetitive and most people don’t do them because it’s the same thing as the last time.

Should schools have spirit weeks? Yes, they’re fun and help students get excited about upcoming events. However, the themes should get changed up every time so it’s not as repetitive.