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Jalen Hurts is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vince Boila, Sports Writer

The Philadelphia Eagles have won their first six games in their 2022 campaign in Philadelphia as they try to win their division for the first time since their Super Bowl title season in 2019.

The Eagles have started out strong and look like they can’t be stopped, as they are firing on all levels of play on offense and defense. They are currently ranked first out of all teams in their division and the entire league.

The Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni loves that they are undefeated but still isn’t satisfied with his team’s start as they still have another ⅔ of the season left with lots of competition.

Sirianni talks about how he wants his team to continue this mentality and continue to win.

“I think being 6-0 is awesome, but I think you can put your foot on everybody and say, ‘You like this? This feel good?'” says Sirianni.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts thinks the team is bonding well and the chemistry is there through thick and thin, and even when times get hard, they can stick together.

Hurts talks about the mindset the team has had and what has been helping them win in their 6-0 start this season.

“I think the beautiful part about this football team is regardless of the circumstance, regardless of how it looks, we stick together,” says Hurts.

Coach Sirianni still has things that he thinks his team needs to work towards and get better at to become great and not put themselves in a tight game.

Sirianni talked about what those things are after their Monday night showdown with the rival Dallas Cowboys.

“We haven’t played a complete game in the sense of we haven’t really blown open a game when we have had two-score leads, …You want to just be able to end a game and put a game away,” says Sirianni.