Randy Spencer, sophomore, is a doubles player on the tennis team.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

Randy Spencer, a sophomore at Struthers High School, participates in Indoor Track, Cross Country, and Tennis. Spencer loves to get involved within his community and around the school as he is a part of the Robotics team.

Spencer has been a part of the tennis team for two years now and contributes to the team as a doubles player. Although Spencer has been a part of many activities and sports, he enjoys tennis as he can push himself through this individual sport. Nevertheless, Spencer still finds the social aspect of tennis to be one of his favorite parts.

Spencer feels that tennis is unique compared to any other sports, which plays a part into its difficulty.

“Tennis is based more on technique rather than pure athleticism which I find to be more difficult than most other sports,” says Spencer.

The Wildcat puts a lot of time and effort into his tennis career and gets a lot of Varsity playing time. The team practices last two hours long almost every day as they practice on form and technique to get better for the matches. Spencer conditions with the team from time to time but feels technique is a bigger priority for him and his teammates.

Although the frequent practices and matches help Spencer to be better, he feels that it can be the hardest part at times.

“I’d say the hardest part about tennis would be the schedule and how often we have matches in 85 degree weather,” says Spencer.

The doubles player is focused on making this season his best as one of his biggest goals include winning sectionals and being flawless. Spencer feels that his coaches help make these goals reality as they prove to the team that they can greatly improve. Although there isn’t much of a try out experience, hard work is still a huge factor into the season and gaining wins.

Spencer loves seeing the results of all of his hard work and dedication.

“My favorite memory so far was my first ever singles match which was my first win of the season,” says Spencer.