Brooke Adams

Mrs. Nicholas has been teaching for 12 years.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Mrs. Nicholas has been teaching for 12 years at various schools.

She wanted to be a teacher because of her high school teachers, and she enjoys learning.

Nicholas likes to recognize when her students are making progress, and they are setting their goals.

“I try to encourage student ownership and goal-setting. I also try to recognize when they are making progress,” says the LINK Leader Coordinator.

Her favorite subject is Spanish, but she also enjoys biology and anatomy.

Nicholas wanted to teach Spanish because she liked learning it in high school, and she liked learning about their different cultures.

“I loved Spanish class in high school and loved to learn about other cultures. Spanish class was always challenging for me, and I liked to be challenged,” says the Spanish Club Leader.

She says that many schools use the LINK program because it helps the freshmen transition into high school which could be a big change for them.

Nicholas likes her Spanish 4 class the most because of the memories that she has made with them.

“My Spanish 4 class this year! <3,” says the Spanish 4 teacher.

Some things that she enjoys outside of teaching are spending time with her family, and she likes to go to the beach.