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Alec Grzyb, senior, is one of the pitchers for the Cats,

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

Alec Grzyb is wrapping up his senior year strong. Grzyb’s motive and determination is helping him lead his way through the end of the season. As this is a tough end for Grzyb, his passion for baseball will continue.

Grzyb may be graduating, but he has a name many will not forget. Grzybs legacy and his ways will forever be remembered.

Zyb will be known forever as he is a big part of a lot for Struthers, and with his personality and drive, he has an unforgettable name.

Zyb says,¨I want to leave behind my leadership and that I always have that dawg in me to leave it all on the field.¨

As a senior, he is responsible for helping out the new and younger ones. Grzyb has been setting an example.

The senior baseball player is there to show how you should never take things for granted and how to chars everything into the moment.

The baseball player says,¨I like to lead by example and to show them that you never know when it’s gonna be your last, so always do what your doing 100%.¨

As it is his last year and time is winding down, Grzyb is getting to the hard part of wrapping up his senior year of baseball.

Zyb has created a lifetime full of memories throughout the years. This one will be a hard goodbye for him, but the memories are all worth it.

Zyb says,¨Baseball has been a fun experience and is going good for the last ride.¨

Grzyb has had many ups and downs with baseball, and he overall enjoys the experience and time he has had with the baseball team. This is his last ride, and he is making it a good one.