Ayla McGrath is finishing up her junior year at SHS.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Ayla McGrath is a 17 year old student at Struthers High School.

As this year is coming to an end McGrath is about to become a senior. Throughout all of the time that she had, she accumulated a lot of good memories. These came from each year, but more focused on her junior year.

Future senior exclaims her favorite memories as a junior.

“I loved going to football and basketball games,” she says.

As you go through high school, most people will say their experiences. Most will say junior year as well as McGrath will say junior year was one of the hardest years. Compared to other years, McGrath agrees this year was different from the rest.

The hard-working student tells just why this year was unsimilar.

“The classes randomly became much harder, and there is so much more work,” she says.
Going into the next grade there is always advice that is left behind from the grade ahead. As this may be one of the harder grades there are many topics to be brought up. McGrath explains that school work can get ahead but to keep on track.

Going through the years of high school, there is always something people have learned in that grade. McGrath explains that she learned a lot throughout her high school years. As junior year may be the hardest, she gives her best guidance.

McGrath gives her advice to soon to be seniors.

“Don’t overload yourself with classes and make sure you stay on top of your work,” she says.