Brooke Adams

Noah Rihel, junior, is finishing up his junior year at SHS.

Mya Neider

At Struthers High School, Noah Rihel is ending his junior year.

When in school, many students focus on their grades.

Rihel’s goal this year was to keep his grades high.

“My goal was to keep my grades a B or higher,” Rihel said.

Students usually like a subject because they like it or find it easier to learn.

Rihel likes Language Arts because he recently found interest in it.

“My favorite subject is English. I have not always been interested in English, but this year I have started to enjoy it,” Rihel stated.

Many students like teachers because they are fun and keep the class interesting.

Rihel’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Mickler.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Mickler. She is always finding a way to make the class fun and interesting,” Rihel said.