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Josh Robison, junior, is an outfielder for the Cats.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Junior Joshua Robinson is so excited to see what the last couple games will look like for the Struthers baseball team. He plays in the outfield and is also occasionally a designated hitter. This year has brought so much positivity for the team which is something that he is very proud about.

Robinson is so excited to see the outcome of the year and is ready to start sectional time.

“Our biggest goal for the rest of the season is to just keep winning and make it out on top of the conference or at least be part of a co-championship with Lakeview,” says Robinson.

Robinson has been playing baseball for about four years now. There are many things that he says the team is good at, but there are also many things that the team could work on. He hopes that his team can push it out till the end of the year and make it a good ending.

He is excited to see what things that his team does to make it to sectionals and will hopefully win the games. There are many things that the team can improve on, but he says that they are ready for the challenge.

“At times when things don’t go our way we tend to break down, even though I’m guilty of it. So just keeping our heads in the game and not doubting our capabilities is what I think we can improve on the most,” says Robinson.

There are many memories Robinson has with his team. They have done so much together, and they couldn’t be more excited to get to the top. There are also many people that he looks up to on his team, and he couldn’t be more grateful for them.

There are so many memories he says that he could go all day about. But he is ready to pursue those memories and bring it onto the field for the last couple of games.

“I look up to our team as a whole. We’ve been through a lot and the fact that we are still standing and showing up every day and putting our best foot forward is something that deserves to be acknowledged,” says Robinson.