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James DeChellis, senior, is an outfielder for the Cats.

Marissa Metzka, Feature Writer

James DeChellis is a senior student and baseball player at Struthers High School.

DeChellis plays right field and occasionally second base.

He has loved baseball for many years since he was a little kid.

“I have always loved baseball since I was a little kid, also a bunch of my friends play on the team, so I thought it would be pretty fun,” says DeChellis.

DeChellis has been playing baseball for about 12 years now, but he did take a couple years off.

His friends played a big role in him starting baseball and coming back to play for his senior year.

“All of my buddies constantly bugging me to join the team really pushed me to start playing,” says DeChellis.

He clicks best with Grady Moore on the field because they are best friends on and off the field.

DeChellis thinks this season is going very well, and he is very proud of the team.

“This season has been one of the best seasons SHS has seen in years, so I am very proud of us,” says DeChellis.