Brooke Adams

Learia Corinaldi, sophomore, is bouncing back from injuries.

Katelyn Kimble, Feature Writer

Learia Corinaldi is a sophomore at Struthers High School she participates in track and basketball but due to ACL injuries. She has not played a full season yet.

She got a lot of playing time on varsity this season for just coming off an ACL injury from freshman summer. She played a majority of the games in this year’s basketball season, but she sadly hurt her other knee. Corinaldi still has plans of making it back onto the court sooner than later.

She has been working very hard to strengthen her knee and have a speedy recovery.

“I have been going to physical therapy regularly and doing many exercises independently,” said Corinaldi.

Setting goals for herself has helped her get through all of the steps of recovery that she has to go through. Her biggest goal is to one day be able to play once again and be able to make a difference on the court.

She says that her biggest motivation is her teammates.

“I just want to be able to play as a high schooler with my teammates for at least one full season,’ says Corinaldi.

Staying positive has not always been very easy in this process, but she has managed to do it. During practices and games, she’d be there yelling louder than anyone else. Just because she can’t be out there playing, she is always a part of the team.

Even with being hurt, she has found a sport for herself on the team.

“I am always at their games and even most practices cheating them on and letting them know that I’m still a part of this team,” said Corinaldi.