Melyka West, freshman, is finishing up her first year on the track team.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Melyka West is a freshman who runs track for the Struthers Wildcats. This year for track is her first year being on the team.

West is involved in other sports as well which are basketball and volleyball for the Ladycats. Being in shape is key to being healthy and staying ready for the next season in the off-season.

Since this is West’s first year of trying track, she still sees the beneficial effects of it. She also has a lot of great people to make it more comfortable for her and gets to create new memories.

“To be honest, track was kind of a last minute decision for me. I really only did it to get in shape for my other sports, but it was a good decision,” says West.

Track is a sport that has a lot of different running, jumping and throwing parts to it. But it can be exciting for some athletes, for West it is.

The runner puts her best effort towards running; this helps her stay in shape for her other sports. She is definitely dedicated to all the sports; she is involved in and gives all her effort.

“I run the 800 meters which is two laps and 1600 meters which is a mile. The practices can be tiring, but afterwards I feel so proud of myself for being able to get it done and that is what makes me excited,” says the athlete.

While you are playing a sport, a coach is what really can make it or break it for some people. In order for an athlete to go on with their skills, a coach is an important part of it.

The Struthers track and field team have a great group of hardworking and pushing coaches, especially for West she needs the support and help, being track is new to her.

“I like all of our coaches. Coach Sabrina is the distance runners coach; she is very understanding and patient towards me since it is my first year running track. She has taught me alot and helped me adjust to everything,” says the runner.