Brooke Adams

Mr. Zanni is retiring after many years in the district.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mr. Zanni has taught in the Struthers City School District since 2002. He plans on retiring at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

After graduating from Struthers High School, Zanni went on to attend Youngstown State. From the university, he earned his bachelor’s degree and later received his masters degree from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. While he is currently the district librarian, the college graduate had different career intentions in the beginning of his adulthood. 

Although Zanni entered the business field, he never lost his aspiration to become a teacher. 

“[Teaching] is something that I should have probably worked harder at in the beginning. I would tell [people who are in a similar situation] to not give up on what you really want to do and that it is never too late,” says the district librarian. 

In the fall of 2014, the Interactive Digital Media program was implemented into Struthers High School. One of Zanni’s proudest accomplishments is being able to teach the elective. In order to be successful in Digital Media, students must be prepared to put in the time and effort both in and out of the classroom. Anyone is capable of taking the course, but there is more work than students may realize.  The class involves being in front of and behind the camera, operating equipment, taking part in activities in the production booth, producing daily and weekly shows, and live streaming different events within the community.

The Digital Media class can help students gain a plethora of different skills.

“Self-confidence is a big part of Digital Media; a lot of people think that they won’t be good in front of the camera but they get better and better throughout the year. Team work is another big thing because you’re working with students who you don’t normally work with. [Students can also learn] time management, planning, and editing skills,” says the current Digital Media teacher. 

Zanni has a lot to look forward to as he retires from teaching in the upcoming months in which he hopes to begin some new adventures and take some time to relax. 

There are many aspects of the educator’s career that he will miss and that he is proud of. 

“I’m most proud of being able to start the Digital Media program. I had the opportunity to start the program, and I’m grateful for all of the help from the district; they allowed it to flourish and grow. I’ll definitely miss all of the people and students,” says the SHS staff member.

One of Zanni’s most proudest accomplishments is being a part of the Wildcat legacy.

“It started with my father, who migrated to the U.S. from Italy in 1929 and graduated from Struthers in 1940. All of his seven children–including me–graduated from Struthers. I’m very proud to be from a long line of Wildcats and that I’m just a small part of the legacy. I know that there are many other families with similar experiences,” says  Zanni.