Brooke Adams

Paul Armour, sophomore, is a doubles player on the tennis team.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Paul Armour is a sophomore who just started playing tennis a little over four months ago.

Games range anywhere from one to four days a week due to the weather.

Armour’s friends encouraged him to play, but that isn’t the only thing that is keeping him playing now that he is enjoying the sport.

“I started playing tennis honestly because my friends were playing it, but now that I started I’m not going to stop any time soon,” said Armour.

The season starts around March and goes until mid-May.

Armour is glad he decided to play and is really enjoying playing the sport.

“I really like the strategy of it and how fun it is to play,” said Armour.

Tennis has many different jobs that have to be done in order to win the game.

Armour has the most trouble with serving and receiving.

“The hardest part for me is being consistent on serving and receiving, “ said Armour.