Brooke Adams

Addison Cool, freshman, is finishing her first season on the track team.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Addison Cool is a freshman at Struthers High School. She plays soccer, basketball, and is a part of the track team.

Track season makes you want to achieve many different things. Every runner has something they want to do well in.

Cool is a distance runner with many goals for herself.

“My goals are to letter and place at invitationals,” said Cool.

Coming from middle school sports to high school sports can be different and challenging to some. Others will make it with their sport while others don’t.

The runner sees some differences, and she has changed her races.

“There are less people, and there are more coaches. I also run distance instead of sprinting,” said the freshman.

Track and field there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some do it to get in shape or simply because they like it. There are many reasons why everyone joins the team.

The multi-sport player wanted to find something to do in between her other sport seasons.

” It’s what I do to keep active between basketball ending and summer,” stated the player.