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JR Hovanec is the DH for the varsity Cats.

Alec Grzyb, Sports Writer

JohnRoss Hovanec is a sophomore at Struthers High School. He plays baseball and football for the Wildcats.

Hovanec gets playing time on the varsity team. He enjoys being around his teammates and creating a good bond with them.

This is his second year being around the same people while playing baseball.

¨I play varsity, and I enjoy playing on it with the other players and becoming close,¨ says the player.

The baseball player plays outfield on the field. He has been playing this position since he was a freshman.

He sees major improvement in his skills he performs for the wildcats.

¨I play outfield,¨says Hovanec.

Hovanec has created a bond with the seniors and is going to be upset when they leave.

The player is going to miss being around them at practices and games. Having good teammates on a team, it is hard to have them leave.

¨I am going to miss all the other guys that are going to be leaving after this season,¨ says the player.