Robbie Decerbo, Sports Writer

Last season the Steelers were missing a lot of pieces. Before the draft, they signed some players that are going to help a lot. But during the draft, they had some great picks that are going to make them Super Bowl contenders within the next few years.

Going into this draft Steelers GM, Omar Kahn knew that he needed to do well, and he did. He drafted an offensive tack from Georgia, Broderick Jones in the first round. The Steelers had a weak offensive line last year, and he is going to help solidify the whole offense.

Jones is the second-best offensive tackle in the draft, and he is going to play a huge role for the Steelers.

“In Jones, the Steelers are getting a 6-foot-4, 310-pound offensive tackle who helped the Bulldogs win the last two national titles,” says analyst Bryan DeArdo.

In the second round, the Steelers had two picks, the first pick and the seventeenth pick. With the first, Kahn drafted Joey Porter Jr. the son of a former Steelers linebacker. He is a corner from Penn State, and he completes the Steelers secondary, which was their weakest position going into this offseason.

With their second pick of the second round, they drafted Keenau Benton, an interior Defensive lineman from Wisconsin. The Steelers have a solid D-line but with star player Cam Hawyword getting older, that was a smart pick.

“Pittsburgh didn’t overthink the first pick in the second round, selecting Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. with the 32nd overall pick. The Steelers addressed another big need by selecting former Wisconsin interior defensive lineman Keenau Benton with the 49th pick,” says DeArdo.

In the next round, they drafted a huge Georgia tight end Darnell Washington, followed by outside linebacker Nick Herbig, then corner Cory Trice Jr. and offensive lineman Spencer Anderson.

All of these picks fill some pieces that we were missing. If all of these players develop right, along with the young team that they already have, they are going to be Super Bowl contenders soon.