Tre’Von James, freshman, is a thrower on the track team.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

The Struthers Wildcats Big Man relay team ran the 4×1 Tuesday May 2nd at Lowellville High School.

This race is just for fun and it’s an event that every school does once per year to have some fun and let the throwers run for once.

The Big Man relay is something where the throwers get to run for the first time this year. Many teams come together to run in event that they never do

Colin Mateo thinks the Big Man relay is just something to make the throwers understand the pain of running.

“It is a 4×100 meter relay where mostly throwers compete against each other in an event they are not meant for. As these big boys run with all their heart. For Struthers specifically, this is a yearly event that happens once a year, so the big boys can understand the pain of running again,” Mateo.

The Struthers Big Man consisting of Mateo, Tre’von James, Braylon Myers, and Mario Pecchia relay placed well getting second place out of four teams losing to Lowville.

Mateo thinks the relay team did well as a team and placed well even though they faced some pretty fast kids.

“During the meet at Lowellville, there were some other pretty fast big men but our team pushed through and placed second out of the four men’s teams,” he says.

The environment for the Big Man relay is great. Everyone is cheering on their team watching the big guys run and have fun. All the teams cheer loudly as they run and many even run onto the field to cheer on their teammates.

The Student Athlete thinks it’s something fun for him and the audience.

“You might think that with all these big men there would be a very competitive nature between each other when it comes to this event, but in actuality it was just fun to chat and run against some other guys who are also not that fast. So overall, the environment wasn’t tense, it was just something fun to do for an audience,” he says.