Brooke Adams, Entertainment Writer

Sno Castle is very popular in the Struthers community. It is located on Youngstown Poland Road in Struthers.

Sno Castle is a locally-owned snow cone place. They have a large variety and everyone loves it in the summer. 

Something that many people love about Sno Castle is its large variety. It has a very big menu with multiple different flavors. Its menu consists of over 60 different flavors and even has some fat free and cholesterol free options. One of the most popular flavors is Tiger’s Blood. It also has add-ins that people can add in their snow cones like sprinkles. On top of that, it offers three different size options, so everyone can enjoy. 

Sno Castle is a very family-oriented place. It has something for everyone to enjoy, especially for younger children. It has great prices for what it sells as well. For example, the small size is only two dollars, then the prices go up from there. Locals love Sno Castle because of all of these reasons. 

Sno Castle is recommended for pretty much anyone. It gets a very high rating due to the large variety of flavors and affordable prices.