The original “Gossip Girl” cast

Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Can you imagine everything that you’re doing is being watched and can possibly be posted online outing your secrets? That’s what “Gossip Girl” is all about–an online admirer that gets sent emails of tips of the things that the high schoolers are doing around town and then she posts them. 

On “Gossip Girl,” no matter what you try to do to keep a private life the chances of that are very slim. It’s all about drama–the secrets and lies you want to keep hidden or get seen by a high schooler and get sent into “Gossip Girl.” So either way, it will be exposed one way or another. There’s a main group of people in the show, and it really revolves around them and their secrets and lies, which causes a lot of drama throughout these friends. “Gossip Girl” definitely has a goal to make sure there’s no secrets in this town, and for the most part she does a pretty good job at it. 

One thing that would be critiqued is how many people they had become Gossip Girl; it got very confusing at the end of the show when they were explaining everyone who was “Gossip Girl.” There were quite a few people. It took a while to finally reveal who Gossip Girl was and when they did show, it didn’t even show the person who first started it. This threw a lot of people off because the person they showed posting on “Gossip Girl” wasn’t introduced into the show until the second season.

Something that was very interesting in the show was how much family drama they had in the show and how it all got posted on Gossip Girl. It was nice because there would be things that they did not really go into detail about, and then you would be stuck with confusion and curiosity. However, Gossip Girl never took too long to fill everyone in and all your answers would be answered. Gossip Girl exposed everyone’s tips and posted everything people have ever sent in. 

This show is a good show for people who are into drama, friend drama, family drama, just a lot of drama. This show could be recommended to anyone into drama, suspense, and just realizable high school life. This show is 8/10.