Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

Director John Erick Dowdle gave viewers an unseen horror film called “As Above, So Below” in 2014. 

“As Above, So Below” is based in Paris when a young scholar named Scarlett, who decided to continue her fathers search for the philosopher’s stone. Scarlett and her cameraman Benji travel to Paris in hopes to find her ex-boyfriend George. Once she finds him she asks how she can get into the Catacombs, but he tells her that they are off limits. By hearing this news, it only pushes Scarlett to find others that will get her in which lead her to Papillon. The group is brought to an off limits entrance where they find female cultists including the girl they saw at a party. As the group is traveling deeper in the tunnel, they eventually find a tomb with treasure as well as the Flamel Stone. Once they find the stone, things start going downhill meaning Benji was pushed to his death, Papillon is sucked into a burning car, and a statue rips George’s throat open. Scarlette races back to find the correct stone until they are met with a deep hole, but their only option was to jump. 

The use of special effects used in the movie made viewers feel that they were watching a movie in real life. While using special effects cast members were also used to make the characters come to life such as Danny’s little brother and the demon who was chasing after Scarlett and George. By using people to show the other life, it brought the movie to life because it made a sense for the viewers that the characters were actually living it. Another aspect that made the movie come to life was the production team getting permission to use the real catacombs of Paris. While using the catacombs, the actors had to make use of their own environment due to the little use of props. Production within the catacombs was very hard for the cast and crew because there was no service or electricity causing some to have complications during the movie. 

The plot of ¨As Above, So Below¨ was all based around the Catacombs in Paris. Main character Scarlett wanted to continue her dead fathers search for the philosopher’s stone, which was first found by Nicolas Flamel. As they are taken into the catacombs by Papillon, they are soon greeted with a female choir whose voices are heard throughout the tunnels. They think they are moving forward in the tunnels, but they are actually moving deeper because the paths behind them collapse causing them to move down. They are brought to a blocked tunnel, so they have to go off track but it only brings them back to the blocked one. Soon they are greeted by an old friend La Taupe who then kills Souxie and disappears. This creates a cycle of deaths within the group making them be killed one by one. At the end of the movie, George and Scarlett realize that the only way out is to jump which then leads them to a manhole. 

The rating of “As Above, So Below” is 8/10. The movie is recommended to those who enjoy a crossover of supernatural and centuries old landmarks.