Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

The never-ending television series “One Tree Hill” began streaming its very last season eight on September 14, 2010. 

Season eight of One Tree Hill brings back James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Austin Nichols (Julian Baker), Robert Buckley (Clay Evans), and Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James). This season begins by living out the gruesome plot twist from the end of season seven. Clay’s crazy stalker, Katie, has shot Clay and Quinn in their beach house and they have now been lying there for over twelve hours. The episode shows the two trying to get back to their bodies in the “in between” of life and death. Moving over to Brooke and Julian, the two are now dealing with their financial troubles and the loss of her company while also trying to plan their dream wedding. Also, Haley and Nathan are preparing for the addition to their family, while she just found out she was pregnant at the end of season seven. As the season progresses, things only get more wild in Tree Hill.

As season eight brings many ups and downs for each of the characters, one thing that this season brought to light was Haley’s pregnancy. In season seven, Haley was depressed about her mother’s passing and felt a sense of emptiness. Haley and Nathan also had struggles getting pregnant in season seven. But, when Haley finds out she is pregnant, she takes it as a sign from her mother that this baby will fill that emptiness  in her heart that occurred when she died. Throughout the course of the season, the audience observes Haley’s pregnant life with Nathan and Jamie and really love that addition to the show. Finally, when Haley gives birth to her baby girl at the end of season eight, she names her after her late mother, Lydia. That really made the audience feel joy for these characters that have been here for over eight seasons. 

Another addition season eight brings to light is Brooke and Julian’s wedding. Over the seasons of “One Tree Hill,” we have seen Brooke heartbroken and left with nothing which made her and the audience feel quite hopeless for her happiness. But, when Brooke met Julian early in season six, audiences knew that this guy was the answer to all her prayers. In the middle of season eight, we see their fairytale wedding unfold and the pure happiness it brings to the season. “One Tree Hill” is well-known for having disastrous weddings, but not this one. Brooke and Julian’s wedding was a dream come true and fans felt as if that is what she deserved after being heartbroken for the majority of the show. It truly was a perfect addition to the season and finally finished the unfinished business Brooke had on the show. 

In conclusion, season eight of “One Tree Hill” was a fairytale and was a beautiful way to end this amazing show. This season finished every main character’s unfinished business and left nothing else to fill as we saw each and every character happy. It brought a new member to Nathan and Haley’s adorable family and eternal happiness for Brooke, which all the audience ever wanted. “One Tree Hill” was adored and loved by many people and touched every person who decided to stick with the show. It taught many lessons and brought important messages to many people. This final season is recommended for ages fourteen and up and had one of the best endings in teen drama shows ever. Each and every fan will miss the love-filled seasons of “One Tree Hill.”