Alec Dankovich, Entertainment Writer

Seabreeze is a theme park that is located in Rochester, NY. The 35 acre park has been open since 1879. 

Seabreeze tickets can be purchased on their website for $27 to $41. For people who really enjoy the park and what it has to offer, you can purchase a season pass for about $110. The park is also home to numerous events from anywhere from fireworks to special guests. This park includes anything from an arcade to a museum.  

Seabreeze has a variety of different rides for park guests to enjoy. One ride the guests love is called Whirlwind. This ride that thrill seeking guests love is much different than others you may have tried. A ride where while spinning riders sit back-to-back and experience steep drops, tight and angled curves. You just need to be 48 inches tall and you too can experience the great thrills this ride offers. 

Another ride that thrill-seeking guests love is called the Helix. This ride is a more recent addition to the park and guests come back to ride the ride again and again.. This is a water attraction that guests love to go on. Guests go in a circular float and spin around while enjoying the helix. This ride has two types of floats: a one person float and a two person float. They go down a tunnel, into a big bowl, and then through a drop chute before exiting into a pool 4 feet deep. 

Seabreeze has been rated anywhere from a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This infamous park has great rides and is thoroughly enjoyed by its many visitors.