Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

Road Trip! Today is the day I take my car on a joyride. Probably gonna visit a McDonald’s along the way. What could go wrong?

Alrighty-roo, my parents bought this car off of Ebay, so it should be in the most PRISTINE condition. It looks off-brand though, instead of being called a Dodge Charger, it’s called an Evade Runner.

(After starting the car, which took two hours, our hero drives to the ultimate lands of MCDONALD’S!!!)

Yeah, can I get a twenty piece McNugget with large fries and a large coke? Thank you, bye.

(After completing his quest, our hero continues on with his journey.)

“Dead End Ahead”? What is a dead end? I dunno, it sounds like a fun road.

(Our hero continues down the road.)

Wait.. there is no more road! I can’t drive without a road!

Oh wait…yes I can.