Jolene Pritts, News Writer

There will be an art show to showcase different clubs, classes, and the talent of the current high school students on Thursday, May 18 from 5-7 p.m.

The Art Show is not all about art. The Art Show can contain anything from music to refreshments. Some classes will be involved in singing/dancing or playing instruments, while other classes or clubs will be involved with books or photography.

There are a lot of students that will be participating in the Art Show. Some even think that they could do better.

“One thing that I would redo is my first snow globe because I did not try as hard as I could have and it could have been better,” says showcase participant Emma Hawkins.

The Art Show can involve different kinds of clubs or classes students can take next year. This year’s showcase can help students figure out what can be in their best interest.

Some students and/or teachers are participating in the art show for the first time.

“I feel prepared for the most part. This is the first time we have been in the Art Show, so we are not sure what to expect. We are really excited to be in it this year,” says Hopewell advisor Brigid Edwards.

There are many activities students are looking forward to this year. In the art showcase, different classes will be presenting what they do in their class or club. Some students are looking forward to more advanced classes, like art or classes that contain music.

Many teachers have different opinions on how they feel about the Art Showcase.

“I’m really busy with Prom and when that’s over then I will be more focused on the Art Showcase,” says art director Jessica Zappia.

In the Art Show, there can be many things that students can find interest in. Some students can find interest in a class or club that they never thought they would. Two main classes that will be shown in the art showcase are the Cats Cafe and Wildcat Construction. The Cats Cafe and Wildcat Construction is an important thing to the high school students. They will be selling refreshments/snacks and Wildcat gear for cash only.