Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

“Bride Of Chucky” is a horror/comedy film that is overall pretty popular. The series of Chucky movies in general are quite popular. When you walk into stores at your local mall like Spencers or Hot Topic, you’ll see shirts or even dolls from the chucky movies.

“Bride Of Chucky ” is a one hour and thirty-nine minute movie. Based around a woman and her past lover “Charles Lee Ray” gets the remains after bribing the cop who removed and disassembled the dolls parts for evidence. At first, the woman was trying to make Chucky angry, and she tried to keep him in an enclosed space but then she got turned into a doll. Then she and Chucky were trying to find “Human bodies” to take over but failed.”

This movie isn’t as popular now as it used to be but most people know of it and have watched it. Some people are still absolutely obsessed with this series of movies and line up to watch them all every time around Halloween.

The conflict between Jennefir Tily and Chucky throughout the movie is so toxic, but they make it in a way that’s funny. The human bodies they end up trying to take over. In the beginning, Chucky and Tilly were being nice to them, but then they started to be more rough towards the end because they were getting eager.

Overall, “Bride Of Chucky” is recommended for teens and young adults. It is rated 8/10 in all.