Connor Pavlicko

Destiney Corbett is a junior LINK leader.

Carley Johnston, News Writer

With the current seniors signing off and moving on, this means that it’s that time of year for the classes of 2024 and 2025 to step up and prepare for next year.

One of those privileges is the possibility of becoming a LINK leader. Mr. Dailey and Mrs. Nicholas are the advisors, and the LINK program is a great way of welcoming the incoming freshmen with open arms, making the transition just a bit easier. The numbers change yearly, based on the variety in numbers of incoming freshmen, but next year it is predicted to have about 43 leaders.

While Mr. Dailey, a history teacher, and Mrs. Nicholas, a Spanish teacher, make an unlikely team, they make it work, and they make it work well.

“We make a great team. We meet regularly to brainstorm ideas, reflect on challenges, and to respond to student needs. To select students as possible leaders, we look at student attendance, behavior, engagement inside the classroom, and in programs outside of the classroom. We hope to select students who are leaders by example and have experience to support the freshman student body,” says Dailey.

There’s a few required dates for training and other workshop type activities for leaders to attend. Unfortunately, if these are missed, a student can’t be a LINK leader. It’s a decent sized commitment, but it’s well worth it, and a great way to become involved.

Mr. Dailey and Mrs. Nicholas can be talked to about possible conflicts.

“LINK leaders will be meeting next week to learn more about what it takes to be a LINK leader and begin to organize efforts in the summer to prepare for Freshman orientation. The LINK leaders will also meet twice in August to organize, plan, and practice the activities that will take place at Freshman Orientation. LINK leaders will also welcome and guide the future ninth graders during orientation on Friday, August 11,” Dailey explains.

The LINK program has had a very successful and positive response, not only from the freshmen, but from the leaders themselves. It’s an easy, fun, and interactive way for students to get involved, meet both upper and underclassmen, and so much more.

Destiney Corbett is a current junior, who was a LINK leader last year, and plans on becoming one again this year. She had some very positive experiences and input from this past year.

“I enjoyed helping out the freshmen and having LINK kids to bond with, and it’s really fun to have this experience with the freshmen, and watch them grow throughout the year. I liked the freshmen orientation, it was super fun and the kids had a great time, but I wished we had a LINK follow up in May because I wanted to see my kids one last time. I am very glad to be a part of this program. Some kids need this, whether they are befriending their fellow freshmen or even the LINK leader. Don’t be afraid to join LINK, It isn’t that difficult and it also looks good for colleges,”said Corbett.