Mrs. Nicholas

(Left to Right): Senior Bryona Colyar, Junior Melissa Maro, Sophomore Jessica Gonzalez, Freshman Addison Liptak, Freshman Owen Eisnbraun

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Struthers High School awards its last Student of the Month winners for the 2022-23 school year.

With the school year just about to end, Struthers wants to reward their students one last time for their good behavior. There are so many students in the school, giving a variety of different people for teachers to choose from.

Senior, Bryona Colyar, is glad to be recognized for her last weeks of high school, and she most certainly stood out to others.

“I always try my best to prove to myself and others that whatever task at hand is doable. It shows that the school appreciates students for their hard work in and out of school. It’s nice to be acknowledged for your contribution,” says Colyar.

It takes a lot for students to try and go above and beyond to stand out to others, but teachers can recognize good acts right away. Even the littlest things the staff notices, and students who always do the right thing, will most likely get noticed.

Freshman, Addison Liptak, is excited to get Student of the Month, and is always being a good leader.

“I am very proud of myself. I think I deserved Student of the Month because I am always working hard in class to earn good grades, I’m respectful to my teachers, and I never skip school,” says Liptak.

This month being the last month of school, students tend to get hyper and ready for the summer, not caring about school anymore. Although, the students that are chosen for this award, never stop being a good role model.

Freshman, Owen Eisenbraun, is still making a difference and wants to inspire others to be a good role model also.

“The fact that I get everything done on time, and always put effort into my work was a big factor. For others, honestly just try your hardest in your classes, and be kind to your teachers,” says Eisenbraun.

The students who won for the month of May are Senior Bryona Colyar, Junior Melissa Maro, Sophomore Jessica Gonzalez, Freshman Addison Liptak, and Freshman Owen Eisenbraun.