Mrs. Russo

The Show Choir performed its spring concert on May 16.

Isabella Sferra, News Writer

This May the Struthers High School music programs had their annual Spring concerts.

On May 16th, the Starlight Singers performed their Elton John show at the Struthers Middle School.

The set list consists of: “Rocketman” with soloists Connor Pavlicko (12) and Dominic Farrar (12), “Bennie and the Jets” with soloists Isabella Sferra (11), Destiney Corbett (11), Deanna Gulu (12), Gabrielle Gutierrez (12), and Jonice Coats (10),” Your Song” with soloist Ryan Gulu (9), “Crocodile Rock” the soloists Nathan Baird (12) and Bryona Colyar (12), “Don’t let the Sun Go Down On Me” with soloists Angel Rhymer (12), Emma Hawkins (10), and a special ensemble with all of the Starlight Seniors.

When asked about her performance Destiney Corbett had nothing but joyful remarks.

“I think that this group was stronger than last year because of the newcomers who have enough confidence to sing out. Everyone was confident and that made stronger group,” says Corbett.

Also on May 16, the Struthers Choir is performing “Four Chords,” “Memories,” and “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

With the end of the school year approaching quickly, we can see “Memories” is a good heartfelt song that set the tone for the end of an era.

“I think we did an amazing, good job to all of the choir students,” says Gianna Hazlett.

On May 9, the high school Sound of Struthers Concert band had its concert at 7 p.m. in the field house.

The band performed “Rough Riders,” “In a Quiet Place,” and “Beyond Reach.” Also performing is an ensemble with Bryona Colyar (12), Angel Rhymer (12), Nicholas Johnson (10), Johnija Coats (9), Bella Sandusky (10), Nathan Baird (12), and Emma Hawkins (10).

The ensemble is performing, “Aria and Minuet,” “From Stephen Foster,” “Hedwig’s Theme,” “Over the Rainbow,” “All That Jazz,” “The Magnificent Seven.”

Jonice only boasts about her fellow player.
“I think we did okay, we played with mostly confidence and we ate,” she says.

Good job to all the performers this spring.