Frank Marr

Michael Scavnicky is a freshman varsity player for the Cats.

Grady Moore, Sports Writer

The Struthers  baseball team had a rough start to their season and lost a couple games they did not believe they would lose.

Although the boys had a rough beginning, they did not allow this to dictate their entire season; the boys have had a couple of great wins this year.

One of the biggest wins this season was a game against Girard. They were trailing the entire game and then managed to come back and walk it off in the bottom of the 7th. Michael Scavnicky, a freshman on the team, hit a three RBI double to tie it up in that inning.

“Coming through with a clutch bat in a must-win conference game was the greatest feeling I have ever felt playing sports. I also have to give props to Anthony for also coming through and driving me in as the winning run,” says Scavnicky.

The boys were having a rough start to their season with a couple of tough losses. However, the sweep in the Girard series was a serious confidence booster for them.

The boys are learning to play together as a team, and they will continue to get better. Serious credit needs to be given to the coaches for working this team to where they are.

“As they were switching pitchers, coach Otto called me over. He told me, “You deserve this moment. It is time to prove yourself, get a pitch you like and drive it, this would be a great time for your first gap,” says Scavnicky.

The boys got swept in the Poland series, and this was a big crusher because a big goal of theirs was to win the conference championship. This puts them at a big disadvantage.

The young players are beginning to become more comfortable with the varsity energy. If these kids can improve even more, they will be a dangerous team.

“It was kind of a two way feeling. Of course, I was nervous like anyone in that situation, but I was also confident they made a pitching change and the kid was not throwing too hard and it was in the zone. I knew this was my moment to prove myself as a freshman, especially after not starting the season great at the plate,” says Scavnicky.

The boys are starting to get hot, so watch out for the Cats!