Jalen Hurts just signed a major deal duirng this offseason.

Caleb Isenberg, Sports Writer

Jalen Hurts signs a new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles that is worth $255 million.

Signing the new contract makes him the player with the most annual earnings in NFL history at the age of 24.

About $179.3 million of the $255 million contract is guaranteed to Hurts, with $110 million guaranteed at signing.

Hurts is guaranteed most of his money for his contract.

“The thing with Jalen that I’m so optimistic about is he’s just got this incredible – I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here, but seeing him virtually every day, he’s got an incredible passion for being phenomenal,” says Eagles CEO Jeffrey Lurie.

The Eagles are not paying him more to do less. They still want him to perform to the best of his ability.

The Eagles are not going to limit Hurts on what he does best.

“We didn’t pay him more to do less. I’ll say that,” says Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

As the cap number for Hurts increases, the Eagles will certainly be looking to protect their franchise investment.

The Eagles franchise wants to protect Hurts.

“You know, to me, we’ll continue to go about our business the same way we went about how we’ve gone with our business. We’ll always think about protecting him first, but we didn’t pay him more to do less,” says

Hurts had a huge year to show he was the Eagles’ franchise quarterback. He completed 66.5% of his passes for 4,280 yards with 25 touchdowns with just six interceptions.