Ryan Garica and Tank Davis battled it out this past weekend.

Ayden Isabella, Sports Writer

This past weekend, we saw two of the best fighters in the lightweight division take the ring against each other.

Those fighters were Ryan Garica (23-0 with 19 knockouts) and Tank Davis (28-0 with 26 knockouts). This was one of the most hyped fights in centuries for boxing fans, especially with both fighters having their zero or undefeated record.

The fight sold out in the first five minutes, with the lowest tickets being around 1,200 dollars and with some seats getting up to 9,000 dollars.

The live gate, which means the attending audience, exceeded over 10 million dollars, and that’s not including pay per view.

““Excess of $10 million- The estimate of the “live gate” revenue for ticket sales for Garcia-Davis. This would make it one of the most lucrative in-house money makers in Las Vegas in recent years,” says TJ Rives, Big Fight Weekend writer.

This fight was a two to one ratio, being the lowest gap for either fighter to win. The fans and critics knew this fight was going to end in a knockout, but, who was going to be the victor?

Ryan, being the bigger fighter, had to cut around 15 pounds, making him 135 ½ pounds at 5’10”. Tank is around 5’6” and weighs about 135 pounds. Ryan had the reach advantage, but did not utilize his jab as much as fans were expecting.

The Tank team did not allow Ryan to rehydrate after weigh-ins, and this plays a big role on physical strength and a person’s mental process.

“Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) revealed that in addition to having to make 136 pounds, team Davis placed a 10-pound rehydration clause in their deal,” says Hans Themistode.

This means that Ryan cannot gain over 10 pounds after weigh-ins. This plays a huge part on how the fight is going to play out.

The two were scheduled for 12 rounds, but Tank made it end early. Tank dropped Ryan during round two with a straight right after rolling one of his hooks. Ryan got back up so fast that the referee didn’t even get to the number 3 in the knockdown count.

By round seven, Tank had 4 rounds won, Ryan had 2 rounds won. Garcia knew he needed to start scoring, so he became aggressive, too aggressive for Tank’s counter punching ability. Tank rolled under Ryans hook again but this time went to the body. He landed the body shot and it dropped Garcia with a late reaction about 5 seconds later. The referee gave Garcia a 10 count and he couldn’t fight through the pain.

Tank is now 29-0 with 27 knockouts. Garcia is now 23-1 with 19 knockouts. Both had mentioned something about a rematch in the future, but nothing official.

“Tank has won 27 of his 29 fights by way of knockout,” says Alex Glaze, CBS Baltimore writer.