Na'Jier Howard, Sports Writer

Ohio State had a stellar game of offense with a final score of 40-31 in this past spring game.

Kyle McCord seems to be the starter as QB Devin Brown was unable to participate in the spring game, as he needs surgery on his throwing hand (right). Devin Brown was never favored to be the starter, but he seemed to have better potential than Kyle McCord. McCord made 18 completed passes, 34 attempted passes, 184 yards, and 1 touchdown in 10 drives. This isn’t bad, but the defense for Ohio State is statistically one of the worst since Day took over.

Many people were disappointed when finding out Devin Brown wasn’t participating and weren’t too pleased with McCord’s performance.

“I think what you saw in the game was similar to what you’ve seen in practice. There were some good things, some things that you’d like to see a little bit better. But he’s growing. I think that the picture sometimes was clean, other times not as clean,” says OSU head coach Ryan Day on McCord’s showing and spring overall in an interview.

People were very excited about true freshman receiver Carnell Tate though. He showed he can be a top WR in the near future and may get a lot of action on the field this year. Tate received a 37 yard touchdown from McCord in the spring game, creating a lot of space leaving him wide open.

Fans were very pleased with Tate and his true freshman performance.

“Even before the game, Tate was getting plenty of attention as someone to watch. Ryan Day highlighted him in his pregame interview with Big Ten Network’s Brooke Fletcher, singling Tate out when he talked about the “bunch” of players to watch,” states Shultz.

Everything was dandy, but even though our defense won 40-31, they looked poor, nothing that could win a national championship. Ohio State has struggled on defense the past four years giving up a lot of points to ranked opponents. Ohio State looks to push for a championship and our defense has to be the main focus behind QB.

Ohio State gave up 321.8 ppg last season.

“The top priority for the defense was not giving up a lot of explosives on the back end this spring, and we think we accomplished that thus far. There’s reason for optimism, for sure,” says Day.

Ohio State overall had a great Spring Game.