Anthony Pastella, freshman, is a varsity player for the Cats.

Alec Grzyb, Sports Writer

Anthony Pastella is a freshman at Struthers High School. He is involved in football, basketball, and baseball.

The freshman starts on varsity pitching for the Wildcats along with playing second and third base.

Pastella loves being involved in the sports he does and is very good at them. He has been involved in baseball a long time now.

The player had his first start as a varsity pitcher going against Mineral Ridge.

“I was nervous going into it for my first start,” says Pastella.

Going into the game, you need a strong mindset of what to do and how to do it. There are goals as a player you need to meet in order to do good for yourself and the team.

Pastella knew what he had to do for his start.

“I had to throw strikes, that’s what was important,” says the pitcher.

Starting on varsity can be nerve racking, especially when you’re a freshman. You have a lot of pressure to meet standards to do good.

The pitcher was nervous for his first start but got over them quickly.

“After getting through the first few pitches, it got better,” states Pastella.

The Wildcats ended up winning the game and beating Mineral Ridge.