Brooke Adams

Natalie Adams is having fun during her freshman year softball season.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The Lady Cats softball team went up against the Jefferson Falcons on Wednesday, April 19th.

The final score ended up being 0-22, making the team 1-12.

Even though the season is off to a rough start, the team thinks that they can come back in the championship and make it far. The softball team has had their ups and downs. They play a really good game, but due to the fact that they lost, they think they did bad. However, the girls just go up against really good teams. Jefferson was a tough team to beat. They hit four home runs that game and are 9-4 for the season right now.

Natalie Adams is a freshman this year, and is really enjoying her first season so far. She starts for varsity, usually runs for the pitcher or the catchers, and sometimes plays right field.

“It is really nice all the girls on the team have treated me like everyone else,” says Adams.

The team can definitely improve in many ways to be unbeatable; for example, they should start hitting more in the beginning of the game and clean up the little mistakes in the field. Everyone is trying their hardest and definitely putting in the work to make the team better and improving individually.

Adams talks about how the team can improve for her first season.

“I think that the team could have not given up once we were down a little. Also they could have focused more on the game that we were playing and not the other one we just played the day before,” says the player.

The team still has a lot of time to improve and get better as a whole. The team still has 11 games left of the regular season, and they can definitely win a lot of them and get better. Next season, the team will be better than this season and win every game and do well in the championship.

The freshman has great plans for next season.

“They can improve on not giving up after we are down by a little and they could talk more on the field,” says Adams.