Brady Clyde, Sports Writer

The 2023 NFL Draft is coming up starting on Thursday, April 27th, lasting for three days and is hosted in Kansas City this year.

Many players have been preparing and showing off their skills for the big day: Bryce Young, Jordan Addison, and Paris Johnson Jr.

Young has excelled with a rank of 92 at the NFL Combine, which is first for quarterbacks, making his draft stock go up. He also won many honors including the Heisman trophy in 2021.

Young is a special talent, but many worry about his size.

“We all know he’s small, but you grade the talent and if you like him, you make sure he’s protected and you teach him to get the ball out on time. He carries himself like a winner,” says a personnel executive for the AFC team.

Jordan Addison, a standout wide receiver for USC, has produced an 82, which is fifth best of wideouts as he ran 4.49 seconds in the forty yard dash, and has been all over the internet for his crazy workouts.

Addison is also on the smaller side, but his route running is what brings his draft stock up.

“NFL hashes will give him more room as a route runner to help out with quick coverage. He needs it because he’s not that strong,” says a personnel director for the NFC team.

Paris Johnson Jr. is 5th ranked among offensive lineman, but his leadership, athleticism, and wingspan will make him the first lineman to go off the board in the draft.

Johnson is outstandingly athletic for his size and will do anything to play.

“I want to be a part of the best five. If I’ve got to run out and snap and be the center, I’ll do it. That’s just how I wanted to play. I feel like, for me, I’m naturally a tackle, but at the same time, it took time and it took all those spring practices, time at the fall camp,” says Johnson.

As the draft approaches, all of the work these athletes have put in will pay off. Many are hoping to see all of them go in round one of the 2023 NFL Draft.