Robert Carcelli, Sports Writer

The Cleveland Browns and FirstEnergy have officially ended their sponsorship, which means that the Browns home field will no longer be called FirstEnergy Stadium.

The Cleveland Browns are rebuilding their stadium after ending their sponsorship with FirstEnergy, renaming the stadium Cleveland Browns Stadium.

This brings up the question, if the Browns stadium is not available, where will they play?

It is rumored that they might play in the Horseshoe in Columbus, the home stadium of the Buckeyes; however, this is not yet confirmed.

“That means the Browns will play for two to three seasons at another location. It isn’t publicly known yet where the Browns will play, but Columbus is a likely location,” states Browns reporter Ben Axelrod.

The Browns owners and everyone in the franchise is grateful for the two decades with FirstEnergy, but they felt like it was time to move on.

As an owner, you have to put your franchise’s interests first and not let things from the outside interfere with your business.

“We’ve had a great association with FirstEnergy for more than two decades, and we appreciate this partnership and what it has created for our team and the broader northeast Ohio community,” states Dave Jenkins, the CEO of the Haslam Sports Group.

The relationship between FirstEnergy and the Cleveland Browns did not end perfectly.

While FirstEnergy still supports Cleveland, they can’t continue to work with the Browns.

“Together with the Browns, we have worked to enrich our communities while increasing awareness of FirstEnergy as an energy leader. Since we signed this agreement ten years ago, our priorities have shifted as the company evolved from a competitive energy supplier to a regulated utility, and as a result, our corporate initiatives must also evolve,” says John Somerhalder, FirstEnergy interim president and CEO.

There isn’t much information about the upcoming stadium or new name.