CJ Stroud is projected to go early in the NFL Draft.

Vince Boila, Sports Writer

C.J. Stroud has had some reports come out that his draft stock is falling over the last week in Columbus, Ohio to decide where he will go in the draft.

Stroud, the top QB in the draft, has had some controversial reports come out over the last week due to teams not believing he is suited for the NFL even though he has more than proven himself.

Stroud dropped an 18% score on his S2 Cognitive test, a test that tests your decision making and game-time reaction skills, and it has alerted NFL executives around the league.

Stroud had a bad score and an executive in the league believes he will not make it and be a huge risk in this draft.

“Stroud scored 18 [percentile]. That is like red alert, red alert, you can’t take a guy like that. That is why I have Stroud as a bust. That in conjunction with the fact, name one Ohio State quarterback that’s ever done it in the league,” says the executive.

Former Coach Ryan Day was shocked to hear this news as he believes in Stroud fully in the NFL to become one of the best.

Day says he believed that this is one of his best qualities and was shocked to hear the news that he had tested poorly and hopes it actually translates to the field and people aren’t just hating on him for no reason.

“I’m just very surprised that this has become a topic of conversation. Of all the things, I just feel like this is one that I’ve always felt was what makes him special. For this to be something that’s a topic of conversation right now is catching me off guard,” says Coach Day.

Matt Baxendell, a reporter, stands up for Stroud and says that this whole thing is “Crush CJ Stroud” month as the draft approaches.

Baxendell claims this whole month has just been one big effort to trash him before his big day, and people are just trying to ruin his stock.

“Apparently it is “Crush CJ Stroud” month in the media, and I’m frankly fed-up with it. It seems like ever since CJ had a near-perfect throwing session at Ohio State’s Pro Day, there’s been one after another attempt to trash him in the media. We were left with the image of the Carolina Panthers’ brass hugging Stroud weeks after making a monster splash trade to get that number one overall pick, including members of the owner’s family,” says Baxendell.