Brooke Adams

Mrs. Bradley is an English teacher at SHS.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Mrs. Bradley has been teaching at different school districts for 17 years.

She never actually wanted to be a teacher; at first she went to school for a pre-law major and many other majors, but settled on a teacher career.

The English teacher hopes to still teach in 10 years so that her kids could have her as a teacher.

“I hope I’m still here! In ten years, my kids will be in high school, and they keep saying they’re excited to have me as their teacher, so I’d like to stick around if only to have them in class,” says the English teacher.

She was recognized by Youngstown State University for her contributions in the teacher education program, and she enjoyed this.

The grammar teacher thinks that the most frustrating part of teaching is the lack of time that teachers have with their students.

“The lack of time teachers at the high school get for planning, grading, conferencing with students, and communicating with other teachers about our kids. If we had more than 45 minutes a day to do all of that, I know we’d be more effective, relaxed teachers,” says the grammar teacher.

One word that her students would describe her as is chill and even mom because of how caring and supportive she is to her students.

The Student Council leader likes to go to the gym and spend time with her kids outside of school.

“I love working out my frustrations at the gym–I take a class five times a week. I also like trying to do embroidery projects and crocheting, but I’m really terrible at them. I spend a lot of time on my kids’ interests: baseball, softball, cheer, and piano,” says the Student Council leader.

Her hidden talent that she has is that she is super good at playing the piano, and she has been playing since she was five years old.