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Junior Caleb Sakara is a varsity player for the Cats.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

Caleb Sakara is wrapping up his junior year of baseball. Baseball has been a big part of Sakara’s life. He is ready to finish the year off strong.

Sakara is planning on continuing his baseball career throughout high school. He has high hopes for the rest of this year and his senior year. 

Sakara and the team have a routine for their games and how their team runs.

“Before our games we like to get into a good mindset and think about what our role will be in the game and it helps us play better as a team,” says the baseball player.

The junior is in his last couple years of high school baseball. Sakara has many favorite parts of playing this sport he has been playing for over 10 years.

Baseball is a huge part of his life, and Sakara enjoys every second of the time he plays. 

“I love playing outfield and being in a lot of the action during the games,” says No. 5.

Sakara is an upperclassman on the team, meaning his role has a major impact on many of the players.

The upperclassman uses his role the best as he helps many of the younger ones.

“Being an upperclassman, I am able to have an impact on the younger ones and help them out when they are even in the wrong mindset or if they are down, being able to help them and pick them up means a lot,” says Sakara.

Sakara is planning on taking his career all throughout the rest of high school in hopes he and his team can make it far.