Brooke Adams

Junior Mickayla Taaffe is excited for her first prom.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Mickayla Taaffe is a junior in Struthers High School. 

May 12th is the day of the junior and senior prom. Mickayla as well as other students are getting ready to dance the night away. With the theme of the prom being “Rustic Romance,” Taaffe is very excited to join the night with her fellow classmates. 

The Struthers student explains why she is excited for prom.

“I’m excited to see all of my friends dressed up, and I’m excited to dance,” says the junior. 

Taaffe is going to attend the prom at Drake’s Landing with her date Dom Farrar. One part of the dance is the promenade, this where the students get to show off their dresses, suits, and dates. It is the start to a great night.  

The prom attendee explains just what this promenade is. 

“It is when everyone walks down this red carpet and is announced with their date,” says Taaffe. 

Taaffe talks about just how much there is to the Prom experience. Nevertheless, everyone has a favorite part of the dance. Some love to get ready, the food, or take pictures. Overall, people usually have the same belief, and that is to dance.

Taaffe explains what her favorite part is.

“I like when everyone starts to get comfortable and dance like no one is watching,” says Taaffe.