Brooke Adams

Emma Morris is making the most of her junior year and is ready for her last.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Emma Morris started the last nine weeks off strong.

Many students hold high expectations for themselves. Between school and sports, Morris has a lot on her plate.

Morris hopes for a strong fourth quarter with good grades.

“My goals for the last nine weeks are to finish with As, pass all my finals with As and pass my AP exams,” says Morris.

Although the majority of students focus on their grades, sports can play a big role in students’ lives too. 

Morris focuses on her grades but also plays four other sports.

“In volleyball, I play DS, for basketball, I play guard/point guard, for softball, I play shortstop or center field, and in track, I long jump and run the 200 and 4×4,” says Morris. 

As the last nine-weeks approached, Struthers softball has started.

Morris has been playing since she was little and enjoys the energy of her team this year.

“I have played softball since I was in preschool. The season had a slow start, but there’s good energy among the team and we are improving every day,” says Morris.